Lusco's Vinaigrette

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Lusco’s presents our house vinaigrette, which is an Italian style dressing made of vegetable oil and vinegar with selected spices. It’s tart and easy on the palate.  We bottle it in 12 oz. glass bottles. Our product is low in salt content and has a shelf life of 9 months.  Once opened, it is best to refrigerate the product.  This is “the dressing” so often mentioned in write-ups touting Lusco’s house salads, Mediteranean Salad, and Special Salad.  We also use it on our slice tomatoes, and it is very versatile as a dressing for most any pasta salad, vegetable salad, or use it for  marinating ingredients for an anti-pasta. Check out recipes for this product on this website.

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Weight: 3 lb
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