Lusco's Fish Sauce

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One of the most famous and noted dishes served at Lusco’s has and is the broiled Pompano.   The whole fish is broiled under an overhead broiler which makes the skin crisp, and then it is topped with melted margarine and Lusco’s Fish Sauce.  This is the sauce that makes the pompano special.  It is tart because it is a vinegar base sauce with selected spices, but once added to an equal amount of melted margarine it is transformed into a phenominal additive. This sauce turns any broiled fish or shellfish into something to rave about.  We serve it on filet of red snapper, redfish, flounder, trout, and farm-raised catfish.  We use it on our Crabmeat Gayle, which is served as an entrée. You can also add it to crabmeat and put it over your fish. This sauce is served in 12 oz. glass bottles and has a shelf life of a year.  It does not have to be refrigerated once opened.  Place your fish sauce in a saucepan over low heat and let it steep while you broil your fish or shellfish. Then mix with an equal amount of melted margarine and pour over your fish- and enjoy!!!!

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