Lusco's Broiled Shrimp Sauce Hot

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This sauce is the sauce that has made Lusco’s “Broiled Shrimp” a favorite for the last 80 years. It is spicy and the kind of sauce you want to “sop” up with bread.  It is a Worcestershire based sauce that is meant to be added to your broiled or sautéed shrimp after cooking. We bottle it in 12 oz. glass bottles.  This product has a shelf life of one-year, and does not have to be refrigerated after you open it.   We also use it on our Broiled Chicken and Crabmeat Karen at the restaurant. It also serves as a great additive for broiled dove, quail, or Cornish hen, and a great marinade for beef. Add it to sautéed crabmeat and pour it over your steak and you will think you are at Lusco’s. This product is classified as hot because it has a little more spice to it than the mild which is shown below.   Check out recipes for this product on this website.  

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Weight: 3 lb
Dimensions: 4 in × 4 in × 5 in