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Welcome to Lusco’s.net.

Lusco’s. net represents Lusco’s Restaurant and Lusco’s Sauces.  Our restaurant, located in Greenwood, MS, is one of Mississippi’s oldest, most distinctive restaurants. It appears with amazing frequency on lists of the Delta’s Best Restaurants.  We just celebrated our 80th birthday, and are still located at the original site.  Lusco’s is owned and operated by the fourth and fifth generations of the Lusco family.  Lusco’s Sauces began when demand led us to begin bottling some of the signature sauces and dressings that have sustained the restaurant for over eight decades.  These original recipes were created by the Lusco sisters.  They have been tested, tried, and proven true for five generations of the Lusco family. These sauces, dressings and marinades are part of the reason that Lusco’s has been and continues to be synonymous with a great dining experience.

The Lusco family, Italian by birth and influenced by Louisiana taste, came to the Delta to carve out a living for their family during the Great Depression.  Lusco’s emerged from a grocery store into a restaurant because of these very products that we are presenting to you.  Patrons and customers, whether regular or one-time visitors, have long requested them.  Acceding to their demands, we ultimately realized that we wanted to share them with our customers and give them an opportunity to have a taste of Lusco’s at home.  So began Lusco’s Sauces in 1984. We began bottling and marketing the three most requested of our dressings and sauces. The most popular is our House Vinaigrette, which is perfect for all types of salads.  We also bottle the sauce for our “famous broiled shrimp.”  Lusco’s Broiled Shrimp Sauce comes in hot or mild and can also be used on poultry and beef.  The Pompano has always been a specialty for which Lusco’s is known and the sauce that makes it so unique is also bottled.  Lusco’s Fish Sauce can be used on a variety of broiled fish and shellfish.  These sauces are all designed for addition after broiling or sautéing your meat or fish.  We have many other Lusco’s recipes that we hope to bring to you in the future.

Thank you for visiting our Web Site.  We sincerely hope you will read the history of our restaurant, check out our menu, examine and purchase our products, and use them along with all the great recipes we have to offer.  We invite you to join us for dinner at Lusco’s Restaurant, but you too can experience the next best thing -- our food -- at home!

Around the restaurant

Here are some photos from around Lusco's, to give you a taste of our charm and atmosphere. Be sure to click to get a larger version.